Its home is Dantzagunea, space of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, which promotes and encourages dance.

 Over the past years, Dantzaz  has operated as a true DanceHouse. The Artistic Direction has constantly invited choreographer creations who are given diff erent challenges and projects, normally related to community relations processes and other sectors.

Using the 2013-2015 period as a reference, this is the numerical data on choreographic creation:

Num. creations-productions | 66 (22 /year)
Guest choreographers | 29
Creations by young choreographers | 37
Nationality of creators (by number of creations) | Australia: 1, Belgium: 1, Bulgaria: 1, Slovakia: 1, Spain: 38 (Basque Country: 30), France: 6, Holland: 4, Israel: 3, Italy: 3, Norway: 7, Poland: 1, Sweden: 2

Since its very beginnings, Dantzaz has acted as a structure that encourages and helps with creations and productions, with an international seal of quality, using its three great "assets" as a tool:

  • a stable company with 12 great dancers (who are constantly renewed)
  • an expert and trained team
  • an international network of relationships in the world of contemporary dance.